LunaMy Cherished Lotte,

Woodsmoke scents the air on this evening, far north of where you will lay your soft perfumed hair upon your pillow.

Yet another full moon has come to light a lonely night I spend without you by my side. With continued hope and prayer we will soon meet and never suffer apart again.

Sleep well my Love.

Yours for eternity,

Xander Gyre

From a magical enchanting old book which my Dear Friend A gave to me on the day we first met I chose this passage as best expressing my longing for you tonight.

But see!  The rising Moon of Heav’n

again —

Looks for us,  Sweet-heart, through the

quivering Plane:

How oft hereafter rising will she look

Among those leaves — for one of us in vain!

— Omar Khayyam