My Dearest Lotte,

I have few recollections of  when I first heard musical artists; time, place, people etc. However there is one musical memory which, for some reason unknown to me, has always remained. And you dear Lotte triggered it powerfully yesterday.

In the autumn of 2006 on a rainy and cold day in Montreal (it amazes me to think of that day’s connection to us now), I had some free time and so, umbrella in hand and coffee in the other I walked down to the Indigo store on avenue McGill College to wander through the books.  I can still smell the damp, cold city-scented air and see the wet flattened leaves on the sidewalk, feel the icy rain on the backs of my hands. Everything about that time vivid in memory.

While in the store music came over the store’s sound system which immediately made me need to find out who the artist was, as she had such a clean and beguiling voice. I even remember clearly the store worker, a shorter stocky fellow with close cut hair and Euro style rectangular glasses. He later showed me to the poetry section.

And when you posted a song by this artist (with a wonderful little play on my name no less!) it loosed all the sights, smells, feelings of that day and time in Montreal, the truly one time, one memory I have of the first time hearing a musical artist, Feist.

And now I see, that cold and rainy day in 2006 was meant to warm us now.

Feist – Brandy Alexander