Dear Lotte,

How the heck did we get to be here together, at this point in the big infintiy of the space:time continuum?

After much “scientific” research I have isolated the exact decision point which put me onto a my very pleasurable collision course with you and your svelte lovliness and alluring look.

On April 19 of an indeterminate year, we had a “identify the unknown element” quiz using Bunsen burners, precipitates, supernatants, test tubes and centrifuges, the whole lab scene.

I missed one of the unknown elements, manganese. Manganese. Huh. Got the nickel, iron and chromium. Score of 9 (See score card below).

Tracing backwards in time the logical sequence of events, that score of 9 instead of 10 kept me from becoming  a world famous Nobel Laureate and also from dying tragically in a maelstrom after the award ceremony.

A complete redirection of my life.

Thank goodness for that one missed unknown, Manganese. I will always be grateful to it for bringing me to the ultimate rare element here on Earth…….You, my wonderful Lotte.

(These claims may not stand scientific scrutiny, but I don’t care as long as we’re here together!)

Love (with Lab Goggles on),


My "Unknown" Score Sheet

My "Unknown" Score Sheet