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My view from the platform as a train pulls away from me. I think to myself,

“Lotte and I should ride the rest of the way together.”

And then I see the song you posted for me here

I’ll wait for you too, Love.


What a crazy love sync! No coincidences.


How do these things happen?  On the verge,   then a fistful of yellow trouser leg.

Alert with You!


Cold night's moon.

Cold night's moon.

Watching through the community house window

the autumn moon rising,

I cannot sleep.

So I walk

Shirtless in the dark cold night, wondering;

Will we ever be alone together in this world,

When I might feel the entire softness of you,

And you the complete strength of me?

Is there a blanket anywhere

We can get under together tonight?

We’d sleep much better

No matter the weather and besides,

I don’t bite.

— Xander


Tagore speaks for us!  Across the miles, Yours. Xander

“It is the pang of separation which spreads throughout the world

And gives birth to shapes innumerable in the infinite sky.

It is this sorrow of separation that gazes in silence all night

From star to star and becomes lyric among rustling leaves in

Rainy darkness of July.

It is this overspreading pain that deepens into loves and

desires, into sufferings and joys in human homes; and this it

is that ever melts and flows in songs through my poet’s heart.”

—  R. Tagore

Manganese my Inquisitive Love, has been used for thousands of years.

It’s a metal formed in stars just before supernova occurs.

We need very tiny amounts of it in us to live and so do plants for photsynthesis.

It was used 20,000+ years ago as manganese oxide pigment in cave paintings.

Finally it is crucial to making steel malleable and workable. Like a softening agent.

So to speak of manganese and love together, suits metaphorically for the softening of one’s hardened heart  in our modern cold-as-steel world.

Of course we needed no softening of our hearts for one another…

Xander G.

My dearest Xander:

I have to ask, because it seems important:

What, exactly, are the properties of Manganese?

Inquisitively yours,


Dear Lotte,

How the heck did we get to be here together, at this point in the big infintiy of the space:time continuum?

After much “scientific” research I have isolated the exact decision point which put me onto a my very pleasurable collision course with you and your svelte lovliness and alluring look.

On April 19 of an indeterminate year, we had a “identify the unknown element” quiz using Bunsen burners, precipitates, supernatants, test tubes and centrifuges, the whole lab scene.

I missed one of the unknown elements, manganese. Manganese. Huh. Got the nickel, iron and chromium. Score of 9 (See score card below).

Tracing backwards in time the logical sequence of events, that score of 9 instead of 10 kept me from becoming  a world famous Nobel Laureate and also from dying tragically in a maelstrom after the award ceremony.

A complete redirection of my life.

Thank goodness for that one missed unknown, Manganese. I will always be grateful to it for bringing me to the ultimate rare element here on Earth…….You, my wonderful Lotte.

(These claims may not stand scientific scrutiny, but I don’t care as long as we’re here together!)

Love (with Lab Goggles on),


My "Unknown" Score Sheet

My "Unknown" Score Sheet

Dearest Lotte,

The Milky Way has about 300 bilion stars.

What happened to us  today:

It’s as if we reached randomly into 10 million Milky Way galaxies and each selected the very same star!

An impossible occurence without other forces acting upon or through us together.

Shaking head in stunned amazement.

X. Gyre

Madeleine Peyroux – dance me to the end of love

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"Lotte and Gyre" banner illustration by Edmund Dulac from Omar Khayyam's "Rubaiyat," translated by Edward Fitzgerald, 1909.