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Each heartbeat is a call of love for you;

a yearning of Divine desire to dance

love’s hand mingled sharing, entangled

swaying, craving of gaze, craving of touch.

To dance together embraced, with steps,

in places, only we two can create.


I long to lovingly unravel you.
Tug gently the fine silken filaments
Of your divine, sensual vestements,
Slowly exposing your shyness to view.

Pre-dawn, and your hips are cradled softly

By your mattress which  I envy,

Body contoured sheets, each light breath carressed

By your sighing,  rising angelic breast.

Tonight’s moon rises

Like a glowing effervescent bubble from our flask,

Filled with our love’s magical wine.

It’s time for us to pass the drink between us

And wander our days and nights drunk with happiness


Over the reeds the

The twilight mists rise and settle.

The wild ducks cry out

As the evening turns cold.

Lover how I long for you.

Anonymous Frontier Guard from the Manyoshu

From Lotte's Angelic Hands


With each cookie’s deep chocolate and cherry flavor, I taste the measuring, gentle sifting and intense mixing done by your hands;  savor the intense look of your eyes as your fingers warmly form the firm dough;  with each small tender bite I sample the spiced moistness of your lips.  Then, after one of your delicacies has been completely enjoyed,  I play with and fold over in my mind the delicious tension of time until your next delight I hold in my hand and taste upon my tongue.




Across the miles.

My Beloved Lotte,

Our hearts can rest now that we’ve found each other even while this unceasing energy roars through them. Your thoughtful letter sent with the beauty of Earth’s magical plants inside will always go with me and comfort my heart in your absence.



“Only love is motion and rest in one.

Our heart ever changes its place till it finds love, and then it has its rest.

But this rest itself is an intense form of activity

where utter quiescence and unceasing energy meet at the same point.”

– R. Tagore

Cold night's moon.

Cold night's moon.

Watching through the community house window

the autumn moon rising,

I cannot sleep.

So I walk

Shirtless in the dark cold night, wondering;

Will we ever be alone together in this world,

When I might feel the entire softness of you,

And you the complete strength of me?


Written to my Beloved Lotte, sitting alone in a cushioned restaurant window seat.

Dust of the Mahabharata

Still on our bodies,

We endure on drink daily

Of Divine selflessness

At each other’s fountains of  Love.

— Xander Gyre

Lotte, Your Love and You sustain me.

Following the roads

Of dreams to you, my feet

Never rest. But one glimpse of you

In reality would be

Worth all these many nights of love.

Ono No Komachi (834-880)

Translation by Kenneth Rexroth


Hopeless Romantics

Thousand Mile Music

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and Thou

"Lotte and Gyre" banner illustration by Edmund Dulac from Omar Khayyam's "Rubaiyat," translated by Edward Fitzgerald, 1909.